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    Our Vision

    100% customer satisfaction with quality guarantee.

    Our Mission

    To provide the best quality products and goods to our valued customers at very affordable prices within the shortest possible time frame.

    Our Values

    Commitment, reliability, customer satisfaction, speed, respect, high standards of service.

    About Us

    Tradeque International

    Tradeque International is a leading a global instruments manufacturing Company that manufacture and export Dental, Surgical & Medical Instruments as well as Veterinary instruments used in a variety of complex medical procedures.
    We have been established for over 30 year global reputation for Quality, excellence and outstanding services. The company is dedicated to enlighten all of its promoters, partners, honorable clients, distributors and medical professionals about the facility it is capable to provide.

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    Quality Assurance

    Tradeque International (quality management system) is not only statement or document, that is extremely vital part of our long term business plan and our all workers are incorporated into this philosophy and everybody is responsible to main quality, no matter what their function is. Our regular quality system auditing guarantees a high level quality standard of our Medical instruments and is basis for our future growth and product developments.




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